Price list

Hotel Vasa offers you highly decorated and comfortable rooms at competitive prices. Weekend rates are valid Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. During large events we do not offer weekend and summer rates. Hotel Vasa makes reservation for possible price changes.

The correct rates are presented in Swedish Crowns (SEK). The other currencies are only approximations, depending on the current exchange rate.
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(SEK)    €(Euro)    $(US Dollar)    £(Pound)
Weekdays Weekends/Summer
Ordinary prices
Single room Från 890:- Från 845:-
Double room Från 1295:- Från 995:-
Extra bed adult 250:- 250:-
Extra bed up to 12 years 200:- 200:-
Baby bed Gratis Gratis
1 Child in parents bed < 5 years Gratis Gratis
Minisuite/ Double room with Jacuzzi Från 1295:- Från 1195:-
Weekend offer
Two people in a singleroom with 105 cm wide bed Från 795:- Från 895:-
Parken 150 SEK 150 SEK

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